The Institute provides dormitories for students and living quarters for teachers. The dormitories consist of 57 rooms for the students, one room for the cooks, an office, a guest-room, a big dinning room to accommodate 76 people, showers, an auditorium, and a public telephone booth. Each room is provided with beds, cupboard, desks and chairs, a mini-compo radio cassette player, an iron and ironing board, a fan and a wall-clock. The dormitories also have refrigerators.


For transportation, the dormitories have two big busses to send the students to and from the campus. Strict regulations are imposed upon the students in the dormitory concerning clothing, eating, relationships between male and female students, thefts and recreation. The main dormitory building is divided into two parts separating male section from the female section. Students from either section are not allowed to cross over another section in an inappropriate manner.


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